BEHR SWIPES® Deglossing Pre-Paint Wipes

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BEHR SWIPES® Interior Deglossing Pre-Paint Wipes are specially formulated to dull glossy, painted surfaces in one easy step! This phosphate-free, environmentally friendly formula helps achieve proper surface preparation in less time, less work, and less mess. Each pack covers up to 75 square feet, making it an excellent tool for smaller projects.

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Flat pack of Behr Deglossing Swipes



Best For Use In

Baseboards, Cabinets, Doors, Window Frames, and Walls


10 Wet Wipes

Works on water-based and oil-based paints, varnish and shellac finishes

Directions for Use

  • Surfaces should be properly cleaned before use.
  • Wear eye protection.
  • For prolonged use and/or sensitive skin, wear gloves.
  • Test in a discrete area first.
  • Begin by applying light-to-medium pressure in a circular motion on the surface, then gradually increase as needed. Heavy pressure is NOT recommended.
  • For areas with excess liquid, go back with the wipe to make sure saturation levels are even.
  • Let the surface dry for 10 minutes before applying new topcoat.
  • FOR HEAVILY GREASED SURFACES: Use a degreasing product such as BEHR SWIPES® Interior Wall Wipes first, then proceed with BEHR SWIPES® Deglossing Pre-Paint Wipes.

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Store in a cool, dry area.

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Do not reuse wipe. Dispose of used wipe in trash only. Do not throw wipe in sanitary sewer or septic system.

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